Dog’s & Cats


Simply the best little paw spaw in town

Full Service

Bathing, Blow Dry, Brush out, Clipping, Nail trim, Ear clean

Semi Service

Bathing, Blow dry, Nail trim, Ear clean

Self Serve

You bathe & dry your own fur baby. *We provide shampoo, tub, table, dryer & hand tools.

Individual Service

  • Nail Trim
  • Sani & Tidy
  • Anal Glands
  • De-Matting

Additional Treatments



Fluff & Brush


Paw Pad Treatment


Teeth Cleaning


Gland Expression


Face Trim


Flea Bath


Nail Trim


Nail Dremel


Ear Cleaning


Dog and Cat Grooming

We love all of our Furbaby clients and we look forward to meeting you and your pet and helping to give them their best life!


21b Mill Street, Frankford, ON K0K 2C0



Tues. to Sat. 9 am – 4 pm



(343) 751-0400